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No-Code Essentials
CRM Teams

Foundational No-Code Playbook knowledge for CRM teams wanting to begin use of No-code.​

Who is this for?





CRM teams, which may consist of multi-disciplinary participants from both the business as well as IT.  Examples typically include business sponsors and participants from sales, marketing, or service.  Responsible for business vision around CRM, deeply understands the domain and has authority to make final decisions related to scope and business requirements.​

3 Hours

Teams will have experience with implementing and integrating CRM into their business processes.  Does not need to be deeply technical but should have an understanding of technology and its ability to impact the business.​

  1. Introduction to No-code concepts and development principles (20 min)​

  2. Reviewing top No-code use-cases for extending your CRM workflows and integrations (40 min)​

  3. Understand the entire No-Code lifecycle, from start to finish (45 min)​

  4. Defining and recruiting the right No-code roles, team and setting the delivery model (20 min)​

  5. Defining and approving the business vision, requirements and high-level design (30 min)​

  6. Shaping your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), project schedule and allocating resources (30 min)​

  7. Q & A (15 min)​

Presented as a virtual live, instructor-based workshop as part of a customized Corporate Delivery learning approach for your Enterprise, delivered for an integrated project/work team.​

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