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AI Strategy for a Data-Driven World

Enabling Enterprise Software Providers to deliver Generative AI-First Product Strategies


Generative AI services

The competitive pressures to apply AI to the heart of your product strategy are accelerating. Designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern enterprise software providers, this set of Generative AI service offerings helps enable software companies with a systematic approach to develop and implement AI-first strategies -- unlocking unparalleled business value.

These innovative workshops are delivered in close partnership with Macula Systems, a prominent data and AI solutions provider who provides proven technology expertise in modern Data/AI platforms, skills, and processes to enable Generative AI solutions.

Phase 1: Evaluate (Understanding Business Value and Prioritizing Top Use-Cases)

In this initial phase, Tachyon Solutions and Macula Systems will work closely with clients to comprehend their unique business needs, objectives, and challenges. By delving deep into the enterprise data and processes, they will identify high-potential use-cases for AI integration. These use-cases will be prioritized based on their potential to generate transformative business outcomes.

Phase 2: Envision (Preparing the High-Level Roadmap and Design)

Once the top use-cases are identified and prioritized, the collaboration will proceed to craft a comprehensive high-level roadmap and design. This roadmap will outline the strategic vision for AI implementation and define the data governance and AI platform requirements. Tachyon Solutions and Macula Systems will work hand in hand with clients to ensure the AI-first strategy aligns seamlessly with their existing business processes and technology infrastructure.

Phase 3: Enact (Delivering a Rapid Pilot for the Highest Priority Use-Case)

The final phase of the AI-first strategy will focus on delivering a rapid pilot for the highest priority use-case. Tachyon Solutions and Macula Systems will leverage their combined expertise in Generative AI to create and deploy a scalable, robust, and agile solution. This pilot will enable clients to witness the tangible benefits of AI integration quickly and build momentum for broader AI adoption across the organization.

These offerings also recognize the importance of understanding Generative AI as a foundational element to your product/market fit (P/MF). Achieving P/MF is a critical milestone for any business; however, Generative AI has emerged as a transformative and disruptive force across industries, and all software companies must now re-examine their strategies and roadmaps to ensure that they have optimized their product/market fit with Generative AI at the core.

Alex Cobb
Chief Product Officer


“With the ever-accelerating pace of AI innovation, you don’t win
by simply having the most advanced large language models or the newest
algorithm on the block” said Alex Cobb, Chief Product Officer of Unbabel.
“Instead, it’s your ability to unlock unique and differentiated value for
customers that is fundamental to maintaining a long-term, sustainable
competitive advantage."

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