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Similing Team

No-Code Essentials

Foundational No-Code Playbook knowledge for Leaders, Architects, Business Analysts and the Full team

Who is this for?





The full No-Code Project team across roles and responsibilities, including but not limited to Leaders (No-Code Stakeholders/Sponsors), Architects, Business Analysts

8 Hours

Given the cross functional team focus, each individual could have unique backgrounds

  1. Introduction to No-code concepts and No-Code lifecycle (1.5 hour)​

  2. Defining and recruiting the right No-code roles, team and setting the delivery models (30 min)​

  3. No-code Creator practices review (1.5 hours)

  4. No-code Architect practices review (1.5 hours)

  5. No-code Project Manager/Leader practices review (1.5 hours)

  6. Governance best practices and use of the Application Matrix (30 min)​

  7. Cross-functional Brainstorming (45 minutes)

  8. Q & A (15 min)​

Presented as a virtual live, instructor-based workshop as part of a customized Corporate Delivery learning approach for your Enterprise, delivered for an integrated project/work team.​

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