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Staff Meeting


Facilitated application of concepts from No-code Playbook to review and optimize Design phase and ensure project is setup for a successful and rapid No-code implementation. ​

Who is this for?





No-code teams, which may consist of multi-disciplinary participants from both the business as well as IT.  This will include roles such as a No-code Creator (aka Citizen Developer), Solution and/or Technology Architects, Subject-Matter Experts / Power Users, and Leaders/Stakeholders from both Business and IT functions.​

4 Days

Teams will have typically gathered a starting point of high level requirements and use cases, and possibly done some prototyping.  We will leverage this work and help focus the team on finishing off high level design and optimizing the target scope for their initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release.​

  1. Introduction/Kickoff + Review of No-code Design phase concepts and development principles (1 hour)​

  2. Business Use Case Review (2-4 hours) – review of existing business requirements and validation ​

  3. Options Analysis Review (2-4 hours) – review of solutions architecture and validation​

  4. Design & Prototyping Review (10-14 hours) – review of designs and prototypes, with two iterations of updates​

  5. Project Assignment (6-8 hours) – define/refine MVP and project and resourcing plans​

  6. Executive Summary / Next Steps (2 hours) – readout of plan and scope to executive sponsor​

Presented as a virtual live, instructor-based workshop as part of a customized Corporate Delivery learning approach for your Enterprise, delivered for an integrated project/work team.​

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