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This comprehensive curriculum is based on the concepts from the No-Code Playbook.  It is  targeted at Business/IT leaders and practitioners who are seeking to expand their understanding of No-Code strategies and practices, and operationalize how they plan, design and go-live with their No-Code applications and establish an integrated approach to People, Processes and Structure in support of scaling adoption of No-Code over time.

The Enterprise No-Code Training curriculum is presented as a virtual live, instructor-based, facilitated training format.  It utilizes an applied action learning following a proven "tell-show-do" model - explains concepts,
demonstrates applications applicable to the enterprise, and allows learners to apply using
interactive exercises.  It is available as standard monthly training classes giving Learners the scheduling flexibility to pick a time that works for them; or as Corporate Delivery for your Enterprise as part of classes delivered for an integrated project/work team. <Link to page specific to corporate delivery >

Completion of the Enterprise No-Code Training Series will deliver a set of integrated learning outcomes for Learners:
▪ Understand the entire No-Code lifecycle, from start to finish;
▪ Understand the key differences between No-Code projects and traditional Agile/DevOps
software development methods and architectures;
▪ Surveyed best practices, tips and tools needed to be successful with No-Code; and
▪ Introduction to more advanced topics including setting your No-Code Strategy, Governing No-Code projects, and establishing a No-Code Center of Excellence (CoE).

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