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Product Management Foundation

Workshop to get you set up a structured Product Management foundation and process

Who is this for


Who should attend

B2B software vendors who are:
Starting a PM team and process


Adopting a standard process from an ad-hoc, potentially engineering-driven process (or)

Migrating from a services-driven operation to a product-driven operation

2 Days

PM teams, lead sponsor; optionally leadership in Engineering, Design and Data


Day 1:

  • Introduction and goals of product management (30 minutes)

  • Product thinking vs services thinking (30 minutes)

  • Types of product management (30 minutes)

    • Inbound product management (30 minutes)

    • Outbound product management (30 minutes)

  • People

    • Roles, PM profiles, PM skills (30 minutes)

    • Team structure options, hiring (30 minutes)

  • Product management in business perspective (30 minutes)

    • Types of markets: B2C, Small-Business/Startup, Mid-Market, Enterprise (30 minutes)

    • Business alignment of product management (30 minutes)

      • Levels of abstraction: vision, roadmap, release, sprint (30 minutes)

        • ​Define core value proposition

    • Map to AOP (30 minutes)

Day 2:

  • Product management process (2 hours)

    • Epic, PRD

    • Lean methodology (MVP/iteration/clickstops)

    • Prioritization

    • Cost analysis

    • Bandwidth Quotas

    • PRD, user journeys, Non/Functional/Requirements

    • Agile basics -- recommend staying in middle lane

    • Tools: JIRA/Confluence, Asana, Notion, etc.

  • Stakeholder management (30 minutes)

    • End to end flow (30 minutes)

    • Engineering: relationship, handling predictability, clarity, negotiation, seniority by design, influence (30 minutes)

    • Design: UX (30 minutes)

    • Data: data teams, use of analytics (30 minutes)

    • Program management (30 minutes)

    • Sales (30 minutes)

    • Product marketing (30 minutes)

    • Customer support (30 minutes)

    • Customer success (30 minutes)

  • Product management duties (30 minutes)

    • Pre-product: customer/user research, market research, who is Gartner?, competitive analysis (partner with PMM) (30 minutes)

    • Post-product: enablement, customer demos, product support in sales process (30 minutes)

  • GTM (60 minutes)

    • Sales-led-growth vs PLG (30 minutes)

    • PLG basics (30 minutes)

    • Pricing (30 minutes)


Note: the times are just rough estimates and can be adjusted based on the needs and preferences of the attendees. Also, the advanced modules can be added as optional modules for those who are interested and have more time.


Presented as a virtual live, instructor-based workshop. Our workshop is structured to be interactive with scope for dynamic tailoring, especially of recommendations. We can also provide optional advanced modules on offshore PM teams, org design, and title stacks.

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