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This comprehensive curriculum is based on the concepts from the No-Code Playbook and is designed to help your enterprise successfully adopt and thrive at leveraging No-Code for your business. As such, the various training programs listed below are targeted at various personas in your company: Business/IT Leaders (aka Stakeholders), Business Architects and No-Code Creators (aka Citizen Developers).

The virtual, live, instructor-led training programs will help you to expand your understanding of No-Code strategies and practices and establish an integrated approach to People, Processes and Structure in support of scaling adoption of No-Code over time.

Our "tell-show-do" model - explains concepts, demonstrates applications applicable to the enterprise, and allows learners to apply using interactive exercises.  It is available as monthly classes giving Learners the  flexibility to pick a time that works for them, from below, or as Corporate Delivery for your Enterprise as part of classes delivered for an integrated project/work team. Please contact us if you're interested in Corporate Delivery.

Please browse through our training programs classified by persona. You may also download detailed brochures for the training programs here.