Optimization Framework

A proven methodology for working with a Startup’s leadership team and cross-functional middle-management leaders.  Review your Product / Market Fit in light of the changing market or customer dynamics, and produce a Product / Market Fit Blueprint” and associated execution playbook that leads to accelerated growth.

Chief Product Officer 
as a Service

Provides fractional or interim CPO services to partner with your team to help you address your product related growth pains and challenges.  This can be scaled from a half-day a week to 3-4 days weekly.  Tachyon’s expert leadership empowers your product organization and acts as a trusted adviser and close partner to the leadership team, especially the CEO.

Strategic Consulting

Ala carte services can be added based upon specific needs, including Due-diligence services, Product management coaching/training, User Experience coaching/training, Product planning and Agile/DevOps advanced techniques, Marketing research / brand development services and Alliance and business development support.

Even if a startup has had early wins surviving startup inception hurdles, continuing to scale (and ultimately have a successful exit) is hard and never guaranteed, regardless of past performance and plans.  Tachyon Solutions provides strategic product consulting that helps startups embrace continuous adaptation of their Product/Market Fit as the “new normal” and continue to tune their product’s unique value proposition to the market.

Strategic Product Consulting


“Burley has a proven set of experience in helping mid/late stage startups to optimize their product roadmap and execution.  He doesn’t just theorize about the right approaches to try but brings his experience to bear in optimizing your product/market fit for accelerated growth.”

Thomas E. Hogan
former Chairman and CEO Kony, Inc.

“To be a leader in this dynamic and competitive industry, it’s essential for a startup to continue to re-invent itself and optimize it’s product/market fit.  Burley brings a proven set of expertise and frameworks to help startups to successfully adapt, innovate and grow.”

Evan Ellis
former President & CEO K2 Software, Inc.

“Startups often get stretched in many different directions and it’s easy to lose focus.  Burley has helped tech executives refocus and optimize their product roadmap onto the vital few things that matter, which align Product / Market Fit, to achieve desired business growth outcomes.”

Carlos Carvajal
former CMO Kony, Inc.

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Burley Kawasaki brings proven leadership experience in product management, engineering, marketing, and strategic business development in the technology industry, with a specific focus on low-code, cloud, application platforms and enterprise solutions.  Recently named one of the Top 25 Software Product Executives of 2020.



Burley Kawasaki

Alex Cobb is a serial entrepreneur with a personal track record of 5 successful startup exits, has managed global, enterprise scale, agile software teams, led product management and experience design of SaaS platforms and tools, and he is also a full-stack developer with hands-on expertise building modern web/native apps and cloud services.


Alex Cobb

Tachyon Solutions provides strategic advisory and consulting services to mid/late-stage startups and their VCs / Private Equity firms. As a focused and high value consultancy, we are committed to our client’s success and the optimization of their product strategy and ongoing execution in order to realize successful outcomes.

Years of Experience
Successful Exits
Top 25 Product Exec of 2020

Proven, trusted leadership and expertise


Research shows 98% of startups “get stuck” and fail to maintain growth needed for successful exit

Solving Scale-up Gap Challenge

Research shows 98% of startups

“get stuck” and fail to maintain growth

needed for successful exit.

Research shows 98% of startups “get stuck” and

fail to maintain growth needed for successful exit.

Why do mid/later stage startups fail to maintain their growth levels as they scale? 

Solving Scale-up Gap Challenge