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Scaling up No-Code for the Enterprise

Practical, vendor agnostic guidance, training and consulting to help Enterprises accelerate growth thru No-Code.


Enterprise No-Code Services

No-Code has sparked excitement and interest across the industry, due to it’s potential for transforming and democratizing Software Development.

But, is the Enterprise ready for No-Code?

Tachyon Solutions provides guidance, training and consulting that helps Enterprises leverage No-Code to:

- Accelerate growth by enabling new product innovation and

- Accelerate Digital Transformation initiatives.

Enterprise No-Code

Comprehensive online curriculum for both business leaders and hands-on practitioners that want to improve their knowledge and capability needed for No-Code development.  These classes provide a deep understanding of No-Code strategies, best practices and practical tools for getting started – whether you are just beginning your first No-Code project or defining a global Center of Excellence!

Enterprise No-Code
Consulting, Workshop

Go-beyond the No-Code training offerings with customized consulting services that are tailored for the bespoke needs of your business.  Delivered through a unique workshop-based model that efficiently enables your team to get going FAST.  Assists you wherever you are in the No-Code Lifecycle, from earliest planning and ideation all the way through Go-Live and continuous everyday improvement.

Strategic Consulting

Ala carte services can be added based upon specific needs, including Due-diligence services, Product management coaching/training, User Experience coaching/training, Product planning and Agile/DevOps advanced techniques, and interim or fractional CPO services to partner with your team to address product growth pains and challenges.


Client Testimonials

Thomas E. Hogan
former Chairman and CEO
Kony, Inc.
“Burley has a proven set of experience in helping mid/late stage startups to optimize their product roadmap and execution. 
He doesn’t just theorize about the right approaches to try but brings his experience to bear in optimizing your product/market fit for accelerated growth.”
Evan Ellis
former President/CEO
K2 Software, Inc.
“To be a leader in this dynamic and competitive industry, it’s essential for a startup to continue to re-invent itself and optimize it’s product/market fit.
Burley brings a proven set of expertise and frameworks to help startups to successfully adapt, innovate and grow.”
Carlos Carvajal
former CMO
Kony, Inc.
"Startups often get stretched in many different directions and it’s easy to lose focus.  Burley has helped tech executives refocus and optimize their product roadmap onto the vital few things that matter, which align Product / Market Fit, to achieve desired business growth outcomes.”

Practical, vendor-agnostic No-Code expertise

Burley co-authored the first practical, vendor-agnostic guide that empowers teams to deliver business applications of any complexity with No-Code.


The Playbook provides guidance to help Enterprises and Enterprise startups with how to organize efficient IT and business collaboration and deliver game-changing results leveraging the potential of No-Code approach while staying compliant with governance requirements.

See launch on YouTube, featuring Steve Wozniak!!


Proven, trusted
Leadership and Expertise

40+ Years of Experience

Top 25 Product Executives, 2020

Tachyon Solutions provides guidance, training and consulting services to enterprises and Enterprise startups. As a focused and high value consultancy, we are committed to our client’s success and the optimization of their strategy and ongoing execution in order to realize successful outcomes.

Meet the Team

Burley Kawasaki brings proven leadership experience in product management, engineering, marketing, and strategic business development in the technology industry, with a specific focus on enterprise No-Code/Low-Code, cloud, application platforms and enterprise solutions.  Recently named one of the Top 25 Software Product Executives of 2020.



Burley Kawasaki

Kiran Kanakadandi comes with 17 years of experience in the Software industry across roles, including two stints as a startup founder, leadership in Product Management with a focus on No-Code/Low-Code application platforms and extensive software development experience in the enterprise software industry


Kiran Kanakadandi


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